Love Ashlee - 05 June, 2014

Dr Chan you’re the Man!!!

I have wanted boob since I was eleven

That day finally come now I’m in heaven

You saved me when I was feeling blue

Now I’m content and feel brand new

Now all the boys stop to stare

And I dont feel self conscious when I’m all bare

They wont go saggy I’ll treat them well

They look so real u cant even tell..

I love the look the shape and the feel,

They truly are totally unreal!

You hugged me and said it will be alright

Then I woke up with great boob and you were right…!

I promise to wear my bra super tight

& I’ll do my exercise every night…

The girls at the front desk were so great

When I walked through the door I knew it was fate…

I felt right at home from the moment I walked in

I didnt even feel the need to tell you my next of kin…

Words cant express the gratitude I feel

I cant believe how quick they were to heal…

Everyone I know is now gettin them done

The whole process was smooth and fun…

You really have changed my life

Wish I was as lucky to be your wife…

Now that I can finally fill out my clothes

I look 100% from head to my toes…

Thanks again for all that you’ve done

You really are world’s number one…!

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