It is difficult to try to imagine a 300 – 450 CC implant in your breasts, so we encourage you to explore this visually within the comfort of your own home with the rice bag exercise below.This however is a crude estimation and method and will be replicated in more detail in your consultation with real implants.

1. You will need:

  • A simple, practical, unpadded bra which you aspire to fill. It should have underwire and strong back and shoulder straps. An old maternity bra may be a good option (keep the receipt for the bra in case you buy the wrong size)
  • A kitchen measuring cup e.g. Ozzie Kitchen 375mls
  • 1 kilo rice
  • 2 nylon stockings shortened to 40cm

2. Method:

Loosely fill the measuring cup to around 350cc with rice and transfer this into the nylon stocking. Tie a loose knot in the stocking to prevent spillage.Put on the bra and insert the rice bag into the bra. Try to keep the rice bag centered on your breast and pat it down
to fill the bra cup completely, eliminating any air pockets at the rim of the rice bag. Live with it for at least a few hours. Experiment with different amounts of rice, so you can determine what size is too small or too large for you. You can adjust the volume of the rice by 50 or 100mls as you explore different sizes. You may even need more rice and 2 more nylon stockings. When you have come to a final decision as to the size you
prefer, measure the volume of the rice in the stockings to reconfirm your size.

3. Asymmetry:

Should one of your breasts be slightly larger than the other, try to keep the volume of rice in each stocking the same. If the asymmetry is noticeable and significant you may try to balance it out and correct it with different volumes of rice in
each stocking.

4. Consultation Day:

Please come in the bra and nylon stocking rice bags for your consultation. Be able to say “Doctor I want to look
like this”, “I have 350cc in each stocking” and “I have been wearing this for a week!” We will then take it from there.

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