Getting a Breast Augmentation in Sydney by Dr Chan

Breast Implants – The Day of Surgery

On the day of your breast augmentation, you will spend an estimated four to six hours at one of the private hospitals Dr Chan operates at. Please make sure that your support person is available for you all day.

Before arriving at the private hospital for your breast augmentation surgery, you should make a note of the following points:

  • Fasting as per the pre-surgery instructions. This means no food or fluid from a certain time prior to your admission time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. We recommend something warm that is easy to get in and out of. A warm jumper that zips up the front and loose fitting trousers is best. Slip on shoes are also preferred.
  • Please don’t wear any makeup or jewellery.
  • Please ensure that your underarms have been shaved or waxed.
  • Bring along a payment method (credit card, bank card or cash) in the case that your surgery may run over time (Refer to your contract/quote/the hospital for more information)
  • Arrive at our rooms at the time specified by the admission nurse instructions (they will call the day before surgery with a time). We are unable to operate on late arrivals.
  • You will be given an Anaesthetic Sheet to detail your medical history for our anaesthetist.
  • When having completed your paperwork you will be taken to your comfortable recovery bay and your medical photos will be taken.
  • A theatre sister will then admit you and give you your pre-medication tablets.
  • Dr Chan and our anaesthetist will see you prior to surgery. Expect to spend an hour in surgery. You will then be taken back to your recovery bay for two hours (see more information below).
  • We will contact your support person to advise your discharge time where they can also pick up your prescription to take to the nearest pharmacy.

After surgery care

Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultant will be in contact with you after the operation to answer any questions you or your support person may have. If there is any pain or bleeding that worries you, sign of infection, or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to call the practice on 1300 DR CHAN.

Dr Chan is available to his patients and support person after hours on his mobile phone.

What Anaesthesia do you use ?

There are several types of Anaesthesia, such as General and twilight sedation. Dr Chan prefers a general anaesthetic in hospital, and our anaesthetist doctor will discuss this in more detail with you on surgery day. If you have any medical concerns or particular queries, our anaesthetist doctor can speak with you prior to your surgery date.

After the surgery, you will spend an estimated 90 minutes in a recovery area. Here you will be given pain relief if required. You are kept here until the anaesthetist is satisfied you are fit to be discharged, usually 2 hours after surgery (however, this may be longer so we require your support person is flexible and available for any pick up time on your surgery day). You are not able to drive or sign legal documents for several days after having anaesthesia. Note that some of the medications may also cause drowsiness.

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