Postop Information

Once the surgical procedure is complete, you will be taken to our comfortable recovery area. You will relax for an estimated two hours before going home. Before you leave Dr Chan’s rooms, your support person will be given:

  • Prescription for antibiotics and pain killers and instructions on dosage
  • Dr Chan’s personal contact details
  • Details for the date and time of your first postoperative appointment

You will be able to spend your first night after surgery at home in familiar surroundings with your support person. Note, if you live more than one hour away from Sydney CBD, we strongly recommend that you arrange suitable accommodation within this area for the first 24 hours after surgery.

Support Person – Post Operative Care

  • Breast augmentation can be a painful operation because of the stretching of the tissue by the implant
  • Each patient will react differently to this pain – Some patients experience only mild discomfort while others experience quite severe pain
  • Some patients are given pain relief in the recovery ward before they are discharged
  • The painkillers will make the patient drowsy. It is advisable to go directly home and rest with the supervision of the support person.


  • The responsibilities of the support person include the preparing of meals and ensuring that the medication is taken as prescribed
  • To stay with the patient for a period of 24 hours.

Fainting Attacks: after any operation may occur occasionally in the early recovery phase patients can faint. This can be alarming and frightening to the support person.

In this situation (Vaso Vagal attack = fainting) the patient should be made to lie flat on back. Then ensure the environment is cool i.e. you may need a fan .The patient will come around within a few minutes. Do inform Dr Chan or a nurse at the practice to discuss management.

Should you suspect that there is serious medical emergencies call an ambulance immediately.

If there is any pain or bleeding that worries you, any sign of infection, or any other concerns, Dr Tan is available to his patients and support person after hours on his Mobile.

What to expect after your operation

Medication: Prescription for antibiotics and painkillers will be given on discharge. You will begin to take them with your first meal after surgery.

Dressings: You will have surgical glue and dressing over each incision line. Leave these on until you have your first shower the next day, normally after 24 hours. You do not need to re-apply dressings after your shower. However, if you feel you would like some cover or padding, you can apply a light band-aid to each incision line.

Breast Lift patients must NOT remove their dressings as instructed.

Movement: You may need assistance getting out of the bed on the first day avoid using arms, use legs and stomach muscles. It is important that you rest for the first few days after surgery. If you have small children, you should arrange for someone to help you care for them in this time. Avoid lifting toddlers or babies during this time.

Sensation: You may experience intermittent tingling sensations, or sharp shooting pains in the breast area. This is normal and will eventual settle. Gentle massage will ease this.

Activity: You will be encouraged to rest for the first few days after surgery, move within your comfort level. You may commence driving 4-5 days after surgery only once you have stopped taking your prescription medications, as there are some medications that cause drowsiness.

Post Operative Visit: Will be arranged for two weeks after the surgery. The date will be advised the day of surgery.

Bra Support: 2-3 weeks after surgery patients should be properly fitted with a firm supportive bra, it should not be a push up or reposition your breasts in any way, a crop top may also be worn in the early weeks.

Exercise: Your breasts may be bruised, swollen and sensitive to direct stimuli for two to three weeks. You should avoid physical contact during this period. Physical contact is fine once your breasts are no longer sore. No lifting of weights or children in the first week.

Sun: It is not advisable to sit in the sun for 3 weeks after surgery or until sensation returns. You can then gradually increase sunbathing wearing a block-out sunscreen. No sun beds are advisable.

Work: Can be resumed when you feel comfortable. Office work 3-5 days. Physical 1-2 weeks.

After surgery care: Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultant will be in contact with you after the operation to answer any questions you or your support person may have. If there is any pain or bleeding that worries you, sign of infection, or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to call the practice on 1300 DRCHAN ( 37 24 26 ).

1300 37 24 26