Postop Bra Information


Most patients naturally have not needed supportive bras, but after breast enlargement they have had to acquire the skills and obligation to wear bras for comfort and to prevent rapid descent or breast drooping.


Immediately after surgery and for the first two weeks, most patients do not wear a bra at all. Some patients return to work within these first two weeks, and feel comfortable wearing a non-underwire soft cup bra or crop top. All mastopexy (breast lift) patients are wearing this type of bra immediately after surgery.

From approximately two weeks after surgery, after the first check up, we expect all patients to get fitted for an underwire supportive bra. We will discuss bras in more detail at your first check up appointment.

Centering the implant

Bras can either help position the implants correctly or cause some significant malpositioning. “ Wonder “ and “push up bras “ can cause deformity of the breast at this stage.

At consultation centering the implant on the nipple areola complex to achieve the most natural result was discussed.

At surgery the implant has been centered to the areola. After surgery the bra is a very important accessory to maintain this position of the implant.

The Fit

  • The wire should fit exactly on the new breast crease – disregard the bra lettering (C/D/DD/E etc) as there are no ‘standards’ to the manufacturing of bras. It is more important to see how the underwire fits your breast shape
  • The cup should be firm and shaped to evenly support the new breast ie. not too shallow (a ‘pointy’ cup) or too deep
  • The vertical straps (shoulder straps) must be strong enough to hold the position – ideally a wider shoulder strap is more comfortable and provides better support
  • The back strap must be comfortable but firm.

Initially the bra should be fitted by someone with experience.

You will also find SPORTS BRAS have underwire with a very wide shoulder strap and larger bra cups. These are meant to provide additional support during movement, and are strongly recommended for daily and/or active wear.

At your next post surgery visit (two or three month check up) please come in with your bra for the fit to be confirmed.

Preventing rapid descent

Without support over time most implants will descend. Apart from surgical accuracy and innate tissue strength, bra support is essential to prevent rapid descent.

When the bra is correctly worn the implant is centered ie equal volume of breast above and below the nipple areola complex. This follows the principle that the implant is centered.

In rapid descent, the volume of breast below the nipple is much larger than above the nipple. Although it may look “natural” it is certainly aged, sagged and tired looking.

Correct bra use can prevent this.

No Bra

You may occasionally go braless for the big night out, only when healing is complete and the implants are secured.

There are also other options such as strapless bras.

For vacations, we would not suggest to spend the entire holiday in a bikini. Packing a bra, especially for sight-seeing days where you’ll be up and about for hours may provide good support for your activities.

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