Are you considering breast enlargement in Sydney?

Dr Zion Chan is a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon who has successfully completed thousands of breast enhancement operations through his Sydney practice. If you are looking for a surgeon with over a decade of training and experience, you’ve come to the right page.

Your breast enlargement in Sydney needn’t cost more than you can afford. Payment plans can start from $50 per week, making breast implants within reach financially for most women. Our price includes the round cohesive silicone implants themselves upto 445cc (additional fees for larger sizes, teardrop implants, polyurethane implants, and/or if you require a breast lift), plus all fees for the surgery, anaesthetic, and facilities – there are absolutely no hidden costs. You will also be covered for 12 months of post surgery visits.

Unlike some other affordable options, you won’t need to go overseas for your operation; you can recover at home here in Australia, with peace of mind that you’re being looked after by a team with qualifications and experience which meet and exceed the very high standards in this country.

Why Dr Chan is one of the most sought after Sydney breast Augmentation surgeons

  • Dr Chan was trained by the well renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Eng Peng Tan, one of the leading breast implants specialist in Australia and a pioneer of his time. Dr Chan practices the same techniques and philosophy.
  • Dr Chan has super specialised in one particular breast enlargement procedure and to date has performed over 2,000 breast augmentations. Stunning results and an excellent patient care experience have meant that 90% of Dr Chan’s patients come from word of mouth!
  • Dr Chan specialises in a “bloodless” technique, which results in a rapid recovery with minimal scarring (NB: results may vary from patient to patient. You will have plenty of opportunity to discuss this during your initial consultation).

For more information or to book a consultation time, call 1300 37 2426 (1300 DR CHAN).